Harvested in Greece;
Baked fresh in Cincinnati.

FILLO Greek Bake Shop embodies the simplistic beauty of authentic Greek pastries; a simple gathering of native ingredients nestled within layers of carefully crafted phyllo dough, baked to a myriad of delicious golden hues. We believe our journey must begin at the very place where these savory and sweet goods have been embraced by locals for centuries–




A Taste of Greece

Using the purest natural ingredients that burst to life under the Mediterranean sun, enriched by the fertile grounds and waters of Greece, our pastries are hand crafted with love and attention to the artisanal process of these delectable treats.


We believe each bite honors the rich, simplistic flavors of our Greek heritage, and we proudly bring these flavors straight to Cincinnati.

FILLO Greek Bake Shop is your culinary journey to flavors and aromas of Greek cuisine.


Your Culinary Trip to Greece;
No Passport Needed.